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Can I use Red Fruit Oil for cancer disease, when I take medication from my doctor?

Cancer patient can consume Red Fruit Oil one hour after taken medicines from your doctor. For stages 3 or 4, the dosage is one tablespoon three times a day, during the morning, afternoon and night before bed. Red Fruit Oil does not cause side effects.


I have breast cancer and now take chemotherapy treatments. I want to try Red Fruit Oil. How many dosages should I use? And when should I use the Red Fruit Oil?

Cancer cells are a very voracious cell. All the nutrients in a patient body will be taken by all cancer cells. Therefore, usually the cancer sufferers body weight will decreased dramatically. It is claimed, Red Fruit Oil can be used to treat breast cancer. Better use during the early stage than already severe. For the early stages, it can be in the consumption of three tablespoons a day. Due to active ingredients, Red Fruit Oil is capable of supplying nutrients to cancer cells and taming the root. Size of cancer becomes smaller. When taken chemotherapy treatment, you should not consume Red Fruit Oil until two days after chemotherapy.


My sister have ovarian cysts. Can Red Fruit Oil help?

Relatively, ovarian cysts can be treated with the Red Fruit Oil. To weaken it, consume one tablespoon of Red Fruit Oil twice a day, specifically in the morning and before bedtime.


How long should a cancer patient be successful in consuming Red Fruit Oil?

Based on experience, the length of time for improvement in a patient condition is surprisingly different. This is due to each individual’s metabolism. For breast cancer patients, Red Fruit Oil can improve the patient condition in a very short time. If the lump swells usually it will redden and go smaller. In addition, patients who are using Red Fruit Oil should see an increase in appetite and weight gain. If such conditions occur, the cell cancer has started to decrease.


Should Red Fruit Oil be used for lymphoma cancers and how many doses should you take?

Lymphoma cancer is medically quite difficult to cure. Cancer caused by dysfunction of tissue cleavage continues and cannot be stopped. Although late to consume Red Fruit Oil, it will increase the body resistance. Take one tablespoon three times a day. In addition, eating patterns also must be considered. Avoid fatty foods, and food that is burnt, such as toast, and contain free radicals and carcinogenic. When consuming Red Fruit Oil, follow it with increase vegetables and fruits consumption.


Can Red Fruit Oil aid bone cancer?

Red Fruit Oil can be tried for the problem of bone cancer. Bone cancer requires therapy with high calcium. Calcium content in the Red Fruit Oil is ideal for the bone cancer. The high contents of antioxidants in Red Fruit Oil prevents cancer cells from developing. People with cancer should avoid fatty foods. High fatty foods can help accelerate the growth of cancer cells. If possible, people with cancer should eat less meat and more vegetables.


Can Red Fruit Oil be used in combination with milk?

Consumption of Red Fruit Oil combined with milk is a very good. Some material bio-active in Red Fruit Oil, such as beta carotene dissolves in milk. The combination is expected to accelerate the healing process.




Should Red Fruit Oil be used for people with HIV/AIDS?

Red Fruit Oil has been tested on people with HIV/AIDS and the results have shown to improve their condition. Giving the Red Fruit Oil to HIV/AIDS patient is like an equilateral triangle. Red Fruit Oil not only contains antioxidants, but also micro-mineral and trace elements that play a role in metabolism as co-factor macro-molecular solution. Micro-minerals and trace elements increases the body resistance, among others, potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus. Red Fruit Oil cannot be used as a single therapy, but bio-active in Red fruit interacts with protein. Especially for people with HIV/AIDS. Red Fruit Oil should be consumed with foods containing 90% protein. The combination of Red Fruit Oil and protein rich foods cause a positive effect on the HIV/AIDS sufferer. Based on the observations of HIV/AIDS patients, body weight increased and improvement are seen in skin, cough, fever, and mouth fungus. These signs has led to a conclusion that body weight will correlate with the decreased level of infection. Omega 9 is also an active ingredient in Red Fruit Oil that is important to people with HIV/AIDS.




Can Red Fruit Oil be used for strokes? What are risks after consuming Red Fruit Oil?

Stroke sufferers can consume Red Fruit Oil. There are success and also failure. However, results from treatment start with positive motivation that you can recover. It is assumed that the actual stroke is brain damage. Red Fruit Oil contains calcium, alpha tocopherol (Vitamin E), Omega 9, and Omega 3 which is good for regenerating damaged organs. It is recommended that Red Fruit Oil be consumed one hour after consuming medicine from the doctor.




Can Red Fruit Oil be used for uric acid? How many dose should I taken?

Based on experience, the consumption of Red Fruit Oil can managed uric acid in 1-3 days. If this uric acid is positive, take one tablespoon of Red Fruit Oil in the morning and night and you should feel the changes.




Can Red Fruit Oil be used for hepatitis A, B, C?

Hepatitis not handled urgently will result in cirrhosis even liver cancer. According to Chinese medicine, unsaturated oils are the best antibiotics. Red Fruit Oil is an unsaturated oil, so it has the ability to cope with the virus causing hepatitis. For people with damaged hearts, take one tablespoon per day. If your SGOT and SGPT values are good you can increase the dosage to two tablespoon a day.


Is Red Fruit Oil useful in aiding chronic hepatitis B? How will you know if Red Fruit Oil show the existence of a positive change?

Red Fruit Oil has a good reaction for people with hepatitis and cirrhosis. The condition of hepatitis patient usually weaken because low levels of albumin produced by the damage heart. The bio-active ingredients contained in Red Fruit Oil regenerates the liver cells and the albumin will increase. In addition, Red Fruit Oil should be complemented with high protein foods so the albumin will produce more. Within a short period of time positive changes should be shown and the resistance will increase. You should have your blood tested at least every three weeks to monitor progress. If hepatitis results shows negative then the consumption of Red Fruit Oil should be reduce to one time a day.


Should Red Fruit Oil be given to children?

Children under 10 years of age should take half the dosage of Red Fruit Oil. If you have concerns check with your doctor prior to given Red Fruit Oil to children.


Can Red Fruit Oil aid liver cirrhosis and kidney? What are the side effects from the use of excessive Red Fruit Oil?

Some cases of cirrhosis have been successfully overcome with consuming Red Fruit Oil. Before consuming usually the number of SPOG/SGPT is high, but after consuming, the numbers becomes normal. For people with cirrhosis and kidney, do not exceed two tablespoons per day after meals. You should also consume nutritious foods and avoid fatty foods or foods with high cholesterol. Red Fruit Oil does not cause side effects. If you feel better and your number continues to get better keep using Red Fruit Oil. However, if you feel it not a match for you, you should stop taken the Red Fruit Oil.




Will Red Fruit Oil helps patients with Leukemia?

There are polynomial leukemia patients. Many patients recover, but there have also been failures. In leukemia cases usually hemoglobin and platelet became low, while leukocytes are high. Treatment of two tablespoons of Red Fruit Oil a day for leukemia consume for a period of four to five months should improve the body resistance. If possible, it can be combined with one glass per day of Immunocal, a bio-active whey protein isolate, which shares many of the same immune and enhance properties of Mother’s milk.


How many doses should be taken to increase platelet?

Blood platelets numbers that indicate the blood is low can lead to leukemia. This is allegedly related to the bone marrow spine. Red Fruit Oil helps the regeneration process on the bone marrow spine. Consume two tablespoons of Red Fruit Oil two times a day.




Should Red Fruit Oil be used to cope with low blood?

If high blood pressure, cholesterol found in the patient’s body, so viscosity of blood becomes thick. Red Fruit Oil intake clashes cholesterol with antioxidant, so viscosity problem can be neutralized. For low blood problem, cholesterol is not necessarily in the patient’s body. Low blood disease is the result of nutritional deficiencies, especially those contained in the eggs, milk and meat. In this condition, people have slower heart rate and the supply of oxygen to the brain becomes less. Low blood problems may be overcome with the consumption of Red Fruit Oil. After consuming the Red Fruit Oil two to four days, the patient’s low blood pressure become normal. Sufficient dose is one tablespoon per day.


Should Red Fruit Oil be used by the elderly to ward off free radicals, especially for preventive measures for the elderly?

To counteract the free radicals for the elderly, Red Fruit Oil is perfect. This is due to decreased metabolic rate so that the elderly would be susceptible to illnesses. Problems that often arise in the elderly is the calcification of bone or osteoporosis and failing mental health. Red Fruit Oil’s high calcium content will improve the bone density. Micro-nutrient content, like beta-carotene, alpha tocopherol, and calcium, can improve your metabolism and functions as a co-factor (trigger) bio-chemical reaction in the body. These bio-chemical reactions take place if combined with macro-nutrients, like fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. You can increase your immunity or endurance by consuming one tablespoon of Red Fruit Oil per day.

Should Red Fruit Oil be consumed by healthy people?

Healthy people can consume Red Fruit Oil as much as a tablespoon per day. The benefits include increase stamina and maintaining a normal metabolism and digestive system. This is caused by antioxidants in Red Fruit Oil that serves to ward off free radicals. These free radicals sometimes serves as a trigger for emergence of various diseases.


If consumed for a long time, are there any side effects?

No. The Papua society has consumed Red Fruit Oil since in the womb until old age. Of course, the quality the Red Fruit Oil make the difference. Red Fruit must be harvest when ripe and come from the highland to achieve the highest active compounds. The mature and ripe fruit contains 85% unsaturated oil and a high content of Omega 3 and Omega 9.


Note: The questions and answers are provided to give you the most accurate and relevant information about the Red Fruit Oil. Questions and Answers have been consolidated over time from research and individuals who have regularly consume Red Fruit Oil and from those individuals who would like to learn more about the fruit.

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